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このプライバシーポリシー(以下、「 本ポリシー 」)は、ZTAGEが作成しました。ZTAGEによる個人データの収集および処理についてご質問がある場合、当社のデータ保護担当者( )までご連絡ください。


  • What does ‘pre-order’ mean?
    It means that this watch isn’t ready yet and is still under construction at our manufacture. The ‘pre-order date’ is the date we expect it to be ready to ship to customers.
  • Setting The Time
    This function allows the watch to be time set using the crown.When you carry out this operation, make sure that the calendarchanges date at midnight and not at noon. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1. Pull the crown out to position 3 (or to position 2 if the watch has no date). At the very moment when the second hand arrives at 12, it will stop. 2. Now turn the crown in either direction to place the hour and minute hands at the desired time. 3. Push the crown home against the case and the watch will resume working.For models with a screwed crown, don’t forget to screw the crown back all the way to ensure a good seal.
  • Rapid Date Change
    This function allows you to set your watch’s date rapidly without affecting the time using only the crown. It is strongly recommended not to carry out this correction between 9 pm and 3 am, when the calendar disk is engaged, as the operation could damage the mechanism. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1. Pull the crown out to position 2. 2. Turn the crown clockwise (or counterclockwise depending on model) until the date shows in the aperture. 3. Push the crown home against the case. For models with screwed crown don’t forget to screw the crown back all the way to ensure a good seal.
  • Winding a screw-down crown watch
    This type of crown provides excellent protection to guarantee the watertightness of the case and is found on diving watches guaranteed water resistant beyond a depth of 300 m. From time to time check that the crown is properly screwed down. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1. Unscrew the crown 2. Push the crown against the case while screwing it back. From time to time check that the crown is properly screwed down. For the Big Bang model, the crown is not screwed because this watch comes with the latest technology with a double protection seal ensuring water resistance down to 100 m.
  • When do I need to service my timepiece?
    The movement and the water resistance should be checked periodically. Water resistance service: Water resistance seals exposed to the environment should be replaced every two to three years depending on wear and tear. This routine water-resistance service is the only way of protecting the heart of your watch from dust and humidity. Complete maintenance service: Regardless of whether the watch has been worn, the mechanical movement can nevertheless start to lose some accuracy four to six years after its purchase date. Learn more about our complete maintenance service here.
  • My watch is running fast. Why?
    If your watch is running fast, it may have been exposed to magnetic fields. If necessary, a simple demagnetization process can be performed by a professional watchmaker, before resetting the time. If not, you watch might need a maintenance service.
  • Magnetism
    Our watches are exposed daily to various magnetic fields. Depending on their intensity, these fields may put your watch out of order. Magnetic fields can stick the coils together, and as a consequence, the watch could slow down, accelerate, and even stop. Despite all the care brought by Watch-making brands, repeated or very long contacts with a strong magnetic field may affect yourtime-piece. Leaving every night ones watch on a loudspeaker or an alarm clock could for instance magnetize your watch. Therefore, whenever possible, rather steer clear of these fields.
  • Can a shock disturb my watch?
    As the result of a shock, the oil inside the movement can disperses, the pivots run dry and clearances in the wheel train may alter, ultimately making the movement unstable and in need of a maintenance service.
  • How long is a Stage watch guaranteed?
    We guarantee your timepiece against all manufacturing and workmanship defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase shown on the invoice.
  • What does the Stage product warranty cover?
    We guarantee your watch against all manufacturing and workmanship defects for a period of two years from its date of purchase. For your warranty to be effective, the warranty cards must be completed and signed, and the purchase date recorded, by the STAGE retailer at the time of purchase (see " terms of warranty ). The product warranty certificate and any extension of such warranty must be presented in support of a request for service under the sales warranty. The following are not covered by the product or service warranty: normal wear and tear, anomalies relating to a shock, abnormal use, incorrect handling, work carried out on the watch by someone other than an STAGE Authorized Repair Center, failure to observe the recommended water-resistant control or service.
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